Monday, March 23, 2009

Long time...

Wow, has it really been over two months since I posted anything? Well, I'll try to be a bit more punctual now if at all possible.

So what's been going on? Nothing other than being busy it seems. Moving to a new place here in sunny San Diego, making a trip up to Wondercon (thanks to the fans that stopped by to show their support), going to Vegas for a friend's birthday, and work in general. It's been a busy time indeed.

The "Destiny" prequels are done and have been printed. Of the two, I'm far more fond of Defiance. Something about not having certain restrictions really helps. Not that I think Alliance is bad, but it could have been much better in my opinion. Either way, it sets things up for the next movie at least, and I think you'll find that Defiance fits in to the overall universe a bit more in the final issue. They were both a lot of fun to work on and I really can't thank everyone involved enough for their hard work they put into the stories.

I'll post some info about the trade paperbacks for the two series soon. Due to cost reasons, or perhaps something else entirely, they're not as packed with materials that The Reign of Starscream trade paperback was. Not even close. But I'll do an issue-by-issue commentary on this blog in the next few days. Maybe an issue a day or something like that. Turns out that the artists really didn't have many sketches to include, either, so I guess I can honestly say that we put all that we could into them.

And for those that are interested, I just turned in the first draft of my next project. Can't say what it is yet, but I can tell you that it's Transformers-related. I also turned in my first piece for the Mosaic team, with Andrew Griffith on the art duties. More on that soon.