Thursday, December 1, 2011


So maybe I talked about it before, but in case nobody knew, I have an issue of Godzilla Legends coming out in February. It's being drawn by E.J. Su, with colors by Priscilla Tramontano. I've seen E.J.'s roughs for the issue and they are simply mind-blowing. And when Priscilla add her skills to the book, I think it's going to be something really special.

It's a lifelong dream to be able to do something for the franchise that I've loved all of my life, and to be able to work with two people I consider to be not only talented, but good friends, makes it all that more special.

But how about I show something? Well, I can't show any interiors yet, but here's one of the covers by the legendary Art Adams, featuring the main bad guy in the book, HEDORAH (aka The Smog Monster)!

If you like this image, be ready for a nice surprise later this month from Godzilla Legends series editor, Bobby Curnow!