Friday, June 6, 2008


I've been asked before about when the Reign of Starscream story takes place. So, being one to enjoy talking about such things, I'll expand upon that now if I may.

Issue #1: All of the events lead up to the movie, right up to where Frenzy locates Megatron and the roll call happens.

MOVIE: Megatron is freed, acts like a selfish jerk. Starscream is fighting the jets. Sam kills Megatron.

Issue #1 (pg17)-5: Starscream pauses to think about what happened, gets hit by another missile from a new squadron of jets, goes into the remainder of the story.

Now, in my mind the film ends when Bumblebee talks. Keller is giving the press conference about disposing of the aliens and disbanding Sector Seven. This (again, in my opinion) is happening after the events of RoS, as these things would take some time to occur.

Maybe later I can elaborate more upon what Sector Seven may have been doing during that time and how Starscream ends up going into space—from Earth—in that final shot during the closing credits.

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