Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello there.

Long time... no talk. Very sorry about that, but things have been busy and somewhat "complicated" if you will. There was a time where I didn't think I would ever get around to posting again. But here I am, and like that line in that Supersuckers song, it all rolled off like water off a duck's back.

So my first comic book work came and went. Thank you very much to the fans that not only enjoyed it, but those that felt the need to email and post their comments. Regardless of good or bad, your opinions were great to read and I'm happy you at least gave the series a shot. But the good thing is that reviews were overwhelmingly positive. And now, ready for release on November 19, is the collected, trade paperback version of the book. Now the listing on Amazon is wrong, and we've really packed this thing with extras. Here are the details:

• 152 pages

• Cover gallery featuring unpublished cover concepts (including an awesome Ben Templesmith one!)

• 33 character bios written by myself, Josh Van Reyk, Shaun Knowler, and Andrew Griffith

• 11 pages of never-before-seen sketches and designs by Alex Milne

• Commentary by me covering story references, easter eggs, and early draft concepts

All of this for $19.99 (and cheaper if you get it online probably)! I got my advance the other day and it really did turn out nice. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Hope to talk about the "Destiny" mini-series soon. Both of them. Stay tuned.



Templesmith said...

Oi sir, I didn't know you had a blog! Awesumo!

ShinobiRendar said...

Oh yeah! Sounds like one hell of a trade!

Can't wait to get it!

Dan said...

I'll be picking this up, definately.

Anonymous said...

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