Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I've been reading a lot of posts regarding the upcoming TRANSFORMERS: DEFIANCE series and a lot of the speculation is way off. So I think it's time to finally fill everyone in.

The series takes place before the events of the first TRANSFORMERS movie. It expands on the events from the first movie and this summer's sequel. If all goes well, it'll help expand upon the movie universe and set the stage for future stories as well.

It's an origin that's a bit different. Cybertron isn't the same planet that we know. It's flourishing. Characters are working together and not killing one another. The society is based upon peace and the expansion of their knowledge. Megatron serves as the planet's protector. With his soldiers, the planet has enjoyed peace for a long time. Optimus heads up the science and construction division. He's the "blue collar" character who will eventually find himself thrust into a situation that he's never been in before. It's a different time and a very different place, but it all goes horribly wrong.

It's a very ambitious story and one that I hope people enjoy. Josh Perez will once again be doing the colors and I can't say how much I enjoy working with him. He's so full of energy and it really shows. Dan Khanna and newcomer Andrew Griffith are handling the art chores and they've been doing great. There's some awesome stuff in there. Defiance has also allowed me to work with someone I've always dreamt of working with. The one, the only.... (credit here to Denton for saying it first!)!!!! He'll fill in for the art duties on Issue #3 (due in March some time).

So there you have it. A different story for a different universe. Hopefully people like it. There'll be a 5-page preview soon, too.

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Anonymous said...

"Characters are working together and not killing one another"

You're mad, I tell you! Mad! OOC! You've ruined Transformers FOREVER! Woe!


Anonymous said...

No doubt the seeds of a spectacular falling out will be cast throughout the issue! Right Chris? I'm betting Megatron's desire to possess the All Spark sends him loopy, but it'll be interesting to see what motivates various characters to choose their sides.

Anonymous said...

I did my own review of this issue on my sight and I know everyone everywhere likes to do their own, give it a check! Anyway, concerning the issue, its great to see all Transformers working together in almost perfect harmony. It was truly an interesting approach. I liked it though.

JPeters said...

Chris...the Defience script is fantastic. Glad to have you writing it! best line..."Ratchet old?" very funny!