Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I got the advances for the Alliance and Defiance trades and they look pretty good. There's not much by way of extras for them, but you'll find a few sketches in each, rough comps, that kind of thing. I did what I could. Either way, look for them on June 4th, but I'm going to see if we can get a few copies to Botcon, too. I'll be there the whole time, so I look forward to meeting and seeing people again. Pretty much everyone from IDW who's involved with the franchise will be there, so don't be a stranger if you're going. We have a pretty cool exclusive that will be available at the show, but I'll let one of the editors talk about that.

In single issue news, issues #3 and #4 of both Alliance and Defiance have sold out. The other issues are dwindling down and only a few are left of those. So thanks to all that bought them, and I'll post a commentary sometime after the movie is released.

Last week I finished the second script of a new project I'm involved with. Still can't say anything about it (I'm sure the info will come out any day now), but I'm very happy to be working with one of the people involved. You could say that I'm still buzzing over it.

Only a few short weeks until Botcon!


lonegamer7 said...

Oooohh... IDW exclusive at BotCon? :D

Sucks on the not-so-much extras, but I do like the extra and rough sketches. :)

Cattleprod said...

Would this mystery project happen to be... this?

There's been no official press release, so this listing might've been posted early by mistake, so feel free to disavow all knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on all of the sell outs, well deserved. I enjoyed both series (Defiance slightly more because of the back story). Can you say what the print run was for those issues?

Chris Mowry said...

Um, what about a no comment for the mystery project question. :)

I enjoyed Defiance a lot more, too. The original Alliance idea I thought was a lot of fun, but things just had to be changed, but I could have done better on that for sure. Sorry.

I have no idea about the print runs, but obviously they'd be considerably lower than the first couple of issues. Such is the nature of the industry. So while I'm happy they sold out, it was probably due to the lower run. Either way, what's out there is all there is. Thanks for the kind words about the series.

Jeysie said...

I can't make it to BotCon myself, sadly, but I talked one of my friends into getting at least yours and Poly's signatures for me. (Although I still have your thank you note. :D )

I've enjoyed your Movieverse comics so far, and I'm looking forward to whatever else you get to write. And your Mosaic. And maybe SL: Cosmos one day?