Friday, June 12, 2009


So I found out today that both prequels are on the New York Times Best Seller list for Graphic Books (fancy speak for trade paperback). While this is absolutely because of the franchise, I wanted to take a moment and imagine that it's not and that it's really because of the great team I've been able to work with. Let's just say that it's really because of these people (in no particular order):

Josh Perez: The guy amazes me and has grown to be one of my best friends that I hardly talk to. Seriously, his talent is only matched by his passion for the franchise. What can I say? I love the guy. It's hard not to.

Alex Milne:
The other third of "Team Scream," Alex continues to deliver art that blows me away. The detail, the thought that goes into the designs, it's all there. Doesn't smile as often as he should though. If I were him, I'd be grinning ear-to-ear.

Dan Khanna:
This was the first time Dan and I worked together and I couldn't be more pleased. Dan took some very tight deadlines and laid out some fine work. I still remember getting that first Defiance splash page and having to pick my jaw up off of the floor. Nice job, Dan.

Andrew Griffith:
I think somewhere, somehow, Andrew and I were separated at birth. We like the same music (mostly), same art styles, it's quite amazing. But for someone that is new to the comic book industry (and HATES the movie), he's done some fine work so far. Be on the lookout for him in the future I'm sure.

Don Figueroa:
What can you say that hasn't been said about Don before? He's a god, a legend, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. It was a great honor to work with someone that I admire so much finally. The day that Denton told me Don would be doing an issue, was one of the best.

Denton J. Tipton:
Last but certainly not least, Denton. I couldn't ask for a better editor (say it five times fast). When there were problems arising, Denton handled it. When things were tough for me and I was ready to walk away (back in Issue #2 of Alliance, #1 of Defiance), he was ready to talk me through it and get me back on track. And by the way, he's a hell of a storyteller, too. You'll see.

Kris Carter, John Wycough, and Andy Schmidt. Please know that every contribution you made to the projects were not only needed (as in saving our butts), but very, very appreciated. Hats off to you all and a very sincere "thank you."

And finally, Chris Ryall. Without whom none of this would have happened. Although we differ in height, I'm always looking up to him. Sorry, had to go there.

Great job,everyone!
Wow. The New York Times Best Seller list. Crazy. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.



glovestudios said...

Well.... I wouldn't really say "hate."

lonegamer7 said...

Gratz, Chris! :D

Mort said...

You left the writer out, was he that bad? ;)



Jeysie said...

Congrats indeed! I think at least part of it has to be due to people giving good word of mouth after reading the individual issues, and/or remembering how good Reign of Starscream was from you guys. :)

Bumblebee said...

I gotta say, man, Defiance's and Alliance's draw to readers was(and only is) your writing, man. It definitely wasn't my coloring; and we had several different artists on Defiance and, of course, Alex on Alliance. There was only ONE THING consistent with both stories: Your writing.
This is all you, man; all you. It was a pleasure, and always is, to be on a team with you. Your scripts are nothing short of amazing and I get so wrapped up in everything you write. :)

Congrats to us all for being part of this! I don't think I remember ever being on a book that made the NYT top selling Graphic novels- let alone the top ten OR the top five! I bragged about it to everyone- and, like the ChrisMowryZombie that I am, I make sure to tell people about how fantastic the story is first :D!

Here's hoping you'll get to work your magic even more on this universe! No one captures the feels of the Movieverse like you did!
And here I thought Reign of Starscream was going to be the best out of the three books tying into RotF! :D!

Shaun K said...

Andrew doesn't just hate the movie, he hates Transformers all together. And dolphins and sunsets.

James M. Biggie said...

Is this where we sign the petition to have Bay and Spielberg let you script TF3?

Jus' wonderin'