Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Batagor said...

Mr. Mowry!

Awesome promo, sir. I did my part and pre-ordered 3! One for me, one for the long box, and one for a friend who isn't reading IDW's Godzilla stuff (yet!).

We are dying for some previews. Can you slip us a panel or two?

Best regards,

JDC said...

Hi Mowry,

Glad I checked in to see if you'd updated. I'm very happy for you! I know how big a fan of the ol' lizard you are. I guess if you can't BE Godzilla in the next movie, you can at least put your excellent writing skills to use telling the world one of his tales. Best wishes, and thanks for the cool Godzilla sketch in my Reign of Starscream TPB at Botcon 2010.


Chris Mowry said...

Hey Batagor,

Obviously, I'm not the most punctual of people with posting here, but I'll work on that. In the meantime, I put up a page. I'll give some peeks at a few more before the book's release, too.

So glad to hear that you're really supporting IDW's Godzilla books. I hope that the fans like this book. It's pretty straight-forward, but PACKED with some monster mayhem. Kind of like in the page I'm showing today.


Chris Mowry said...


How have you been? Thanks so much for stopping by!

Haha. Yeah, you never know. Maybe I can still get my shot at suit acting... if they even go that route for the movie. I mean, they'd have to, right?

Thanks a lot for the kind comments. I had a lot of fun working on this book and it was an absolute dream come true. I just hope I can get some more stories (or series) to tell a lot more of what I'd like to. I have a TON of ideas, believe me.

And I'm glad you still have that book! It's one of the only things I can kind of draw! :)