Sunday, May 25, 2008

TF: ROS #4 - Script Fixes

Had a great night tonight. Went to Ben and Lorelei's for L's birthday bbq extravaganza, which was filled with great food, great drink, and great friends. Once I got home, I felt like doing some polishing of the Issue #4 script.

Mostly dealing with moving the story from the "TF meets SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" action in Issue #3 (and that quote was from Hasbro, btw), to the big finish of Issue #5. There's a lot of new characters to introduce that will play a big role in the last act of the series, so I think there's room to improve a bit for the script to accommodate their roles.

That's it for tonight, but I'll be posting a bit more regarding the finer details of the story. You know, those things that can't quite fit into 22 pages.


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