Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello, all. I wanted to post a little info for you regarding Arcee and Flatline. For one, thanks for the reaction to Flatline. It's good to hear. Also, there are a few people that I need to post their images. One was a guy who had a very similar idea and it's only fair that his idea is seen as well. Also, there's a Boo sketch, and a really fun Josh Burcham piece, too.

But this brings me to the title of this post... unused movie universe idea #1 - ARCEE IN ALLIANCE.

As you may (or may not) know, Arcee left to find Starscream in the last issue of REIGN OF STARSCREAM. What was originally supposed to happen in ALLIANCE, was that Arcee is caught in a fight on Earth between Starscream and Wreckage. Issue #2's fight in Alliance was supposed to be Issue #4, with Arcee being the casualty of war on the Autobot side of things. Sector Seven (what's left of them) joins the fight with the Autobots and takes out Starscream (sending him fleeing into space in search of a crashed ship capable of holding Decepticon soldiers). In the battle, though, Arcee is killed... actually blown into three pieces.

With the battle ended, Optimus Prime is distraught. He feels that his war and his decisions have pushed feelings of mistrust on the humans. The humans want the Allspark fragment Prime took from Megatron's body, but when the humans offer to restore Arcee, that's when Prime begins to realize that the humans are far more intelligent than the Autobots have known.

Arcee's remains are taken to the Hoover Dam facility. You'll remember that the facility housed "the box" before. This was the small operating bay that Agent Simmons put the cell phone in. They choose to disconnect the delivery devices that send the Allspark radiation into the box, and this leaves the room as one giant box, if you will. Arcee's remains are brought into the room and a wave of replicated radiation is sent into the room. Arcee is restored, but as three separate robots, each with no clue as to who they are or what has happened.

The Autobots are shocked that the humans are capable of doing this, basically creating lifeforms on their own, without the use of the Allspark. Quite displeased, Optimus Prime offers the humans a most puzzling offer. He will give them the Allspark shard, if they destroy the technology he has just witnessed. The human forces agree and the facility is shut down. The Allspark shard goes to Diego Garcia, and the NEST forces are formed.

This ending was rejected because the humans seemed to be a bit too powerful and had technology that seemed a bit too advanced for them. I agree, and I'm happy that a new origin for Arcee was able to be created, but I think this idea could have been pretty cool for the characters and definitely had made Alliance better.

So with that, I leave you with a question. I have a few things to talk about, ideas I had, reasons for some things, etc. But what would you rather have... blog postings, some Q&A threads, live chat room Q&A, or some YouTube postings? Let me know what you think and I'll get something going in the next few weeks.



lonegamer7 said...

You wouldn't object to in-person, would you? :3

General Tekno said...

What about some sort of podcast interview about the movie comics?

I'd love to do something like that, and I'm sure I could find others (I'm looking at you especially, Master Fwiffo) who would also love to be involved in something like that.

Jeysie said...

I would love to see Lonegamer get her wish by interviewing you and putting it up on YouTube. ;) (It's almost like my getting to meet you in person... >_>) But any way we get to hear more tidbits from you is fine by me. :D

William Rendfeld said...

Blog postings or YouTube would be fine with me, though I'm slightly more inclined towards YouTube.

Chaotic Descent said...

I'd say whatever is easiest for you to give us the most information, and as detailed as possible.
YouTube would allow us to read more subtle forms of communication, but it's also harder to edit, and things like still images are better outside of streaming video but require linking.

I'm a fan of motorcycle Transformers and female Transformers, so I'm interested if there's any more info on Arcee.

Chris Mowry said...

All of these sound great. 'Gamer, we can talk offline about setting something up if you wish. If it can't work out, then I think the Podcast/YouTube route could work out the best.

Also, I found out today that all of my books except for "Reign" are available on the PSP. That might have been good to know, eh?